The idea is to meet the needs of visitors to Iceland, who are interested in learning about the country's rich and diverse cultural heritage. Most visitors come to Iceland to see the country but along the way they find a nation with a long and eventful history, interesting heritage sites, museums and visitor centres, with its own architecture, literature, music, visual art, cinema, design, a vibrant city life, excellent restaurants - in fact, everything that adds spice to foreign travel. Quite apart from the wonders of nature.

In each cultural field we offer a selection of the very best, presenting the Icelandic cultural heritage to the reader in outstanding pictures accompanied by short and informative texts. Icelanders too may find these books interesting, and start to look around them at their surroundings and history with new eyes. This land of ice and fire is a thing of beauty - but the people of Iceland have also made things of beauty. Enjoy!

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